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HK: 8/11 - Grugonim

DJCJ a posted Feb 23, 12
Poojy Grats on the kill everyone!
Aniceset a Like crap Reliq lol. They replaced all the outside lines, and then last night ran a direct line to my modem. Waiting to ...
Reliq how is ur internet connection going ani ?
Angelinajolie thats what's up! Rotp on farm from now on. Polaris ftw!

RotP: 3/4 - General Silgen

DJCJ a posted Feb 12, 12
Cantspel aww you used guts on general, now what you will use for grug?

HK: 7/11 - Estrode

DJCJ a posted Feb 9, 12
DJCJ a Haha no worries Reliq, I got you in another screen shot that I'll post in the forums with the video. Looking at it now, ...
Reliq shit i was not in the pic frame lol

HK: 6/11 - Molinar & Dollin

DJCJ a posted Feb 9, 12
Happy Bday Durf!
Just letting everyone know i'll be on vacation for the next week. Will be back mon. 3/5 seeya
Message an officer for ginvites back, Tvk's account got hacked and kicked some people.
Sooo yeah, we seemed to have been kicked from the guild. Having an interesting night so far, =O
Not sure on RotP yet this week. May be gone because of bday party. Someone else will have to step up to lead.
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