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HK: 8/11 - Grugonim

DJCJ a posted Feb 23, 12
Poojy Grats on the kill everyone!
Aniceset a Like crap Reliq lol. They replaced all the outside lines, and then last night ran a direct line to my modem. Waiting to ...
Reliq how is ur internet connection going ani ?
Angelinajolie thats what's up! Rotp on farm from now on. Polaris ftw!

RotP: 3/4 - General Silgen

DJCJ a posted Feb 12, 12
Cantspel aww you used guts on general, now what you will use for grug?

HK: 7/11 - Estrode

DJCJ a posted Feb 9, 12
DJCJ a Haha no worries Reliq, I got you in another screen shot that I'll post in the forums with the video. Looking at it ...
Reliq shit i was not in the pic frame lol

HK: 6/11 - Molinar & Dollin

DJCJ a posted Feb 9, 12
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